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About Us

Jesse Broadus, a Georgia native, moved to Mobile with his parents and his brother at the age of 12. After high school, he went to work making fiberglass pipe before joining Fiber Plastics & Boats, where he learned to repair boats. His path in the industry has been filled with great experience and success. Broadus is RTP1 certified. He was a key player in the making of the Jaguar teeth that sit outside (Ladd-Peebles?) the USA Stadium in Mobile and following the BP oil spill, he worked on booms and repaired clean-up vessels. His ability to rebuild and restore any project to its former glory is what led him to be contracted by Everglades Boats to perform their warranty and repair work.   

Broadus has been married to his lovely wife since 2013, and they are enjoying raising their two sons. His goal for Broadus Fiberglass is to expand the company with additional locations, by focusing on superior customer service and quality workmanship. Broadus looks forward to growing a team that will share his focus and deliver the results his customers have come to expect.   

Broadus believes you have to find your vision, build your empire, and leave your legacy.